A Comparison Of Average Rent Prices In Utah

Utah is progressively, and rapidly growing as many people from all across the world relocate to the Wasatch Front, and beyond. There are many reasons why individuals are falling in love with Utah, and one of them is the rent prices. Although prices have continually been rising, compared to California, or large cities on the east coast, they’re very affordable. This is leading many people to relocate to the state with the greatest snow on earth. Although Salt Lake City as the capital and hub of Utah has perhaps experienced the most growth, there are many other cities that have as well. Cities like Murray, Sandy, West Jordan, South Jordan, Riverton, and Herriman have all experienced substantial growth. So what does this mean for the average rent prices in Utah? Well, let’s dive into each city a little more to find out how they compare.

Average Rent In Utah

These numbers are based on apartment sizes ranging from 850-1,000 square feet. Let’s compare each of these cities to the average rent cost in Salt Lake City which is $1,217.

Murray: $1,116

Sandy: $1,246

West Jordan: $1,180

South Jordan: $1,249

Riverton: $1,355

Herriman: $1,268

Lehi: $1,367

Average Rent in Utah Trends

When comparing the various rent prices, it is evident that there is a range within the Wasatch Front. Keep in mind that there are still plenty of cities within Utah that are not on this list. However, hopefully, this will give you a good idea of the overall cost of certain areas.

The city in this list that has the highest rent currently is Lehi. This could be attributed to many things, but largely due to the fact that there has been a huge sudden influx of population growth. In the past several months, you have seen many large businesses relocate to Lehi such as Microsoft. This is along with many local large companies claiming the area as their own “silicon slopes”. Due to this, Lehi has become a mecca for tech, and business. With higher-paying jobs, comes higher rent prices. If you’re considering living in Lehi, you may want to look into living in a different nearby city, to avoid traffic, and high rent prices.

The city that had the lowest rent was Murray. This is a great city that houses a large variety of housing. It has a combination of old school charm, as well as new apartments that are modern, and chic. Even though many buildings and businesses in Murray have been around for a while, there are also many new developments that make it a highly desirable area. Fashion Place Mall has recently experienced a large amount of growth, which brings in a lot of top restaurants, and shopping options. Murray gives you an easy commute to Salt Lake City, as well as to other places along the Wasatch front. It is a great area for everyone to call home.

Discover Your Rent Price

The rest of the rent prices fell together in the middle ground, ranging from $1,217 to $1,355. This price range may not be a huge stark difference for some but can have an impact on others. It’s important to consider your commute situation, along with your rent price. If you’re commuting further for work, you may be spending extra money on gas. In this case, you could aim to move to a city that has a lower rent price. If you’re planning to live in walking distance from your work, you may be able to splurge more on the rent for your apartment.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, there is something that works for everyone in Utah. Here you will find a variety of multifamily apartments and housing developments that can fit your needs. There is definitely a place for you to find the affordable housing that you’re looking for. Each city in Utah has different aspects to fall in love with, so take your time and find the city that is right for you.

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FAQ – Average Rent In Utah

What is the average rent cost in downtown Salt Lake City?

For an apartment that is 850-1,000 square feet, it is $1,217.

What cities have a low rent cost in Utah?

If you’re interested in more affordable housing, you may look into moving into Murray, Kearns, Midvale, Taylorsville, and West Jordan. You may also explore neighborhoods around Salt Lake City such as Millcreek, and Rose Park. These cities house a variety of homes and apartments that vary in prices.

Is the rent price in Utah increasing?

The rent price in Utah is progressively increasing each year. This is due to population growth, and business development. With higher paid jobs, comes higher rent prices.

Which city should I live in if I want to be close to the mountains?

If you’re looking to live nearby a mountain canyon entrance you may look into moving to Holladay, Sandy, or the Foothill area in downtown Salt Lake City. Each of these will bring you only minutes away to a canyon entrance, where you can dive into all of the local outdoor attractions.

How do I save money on rent?

If you’re looking to save money on rent you should try these apartment hacks.

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