How much is Apartment Rent in Utah? 30 Percent for the Chronically Homeless

As a follow up on my article on apartment rent in Utah I found this and wanted to link to it.

The Utah Department of Housing and Development released a report reflecting a 26 percent drop in chronic homelessness in Utah.

This significant decrease can be attributed to the State’s Housing First Initiative. The Initiative is supported by approximately 500 apartments throughout Utah according to

In 2004, Utah began a nationwide movement called “HousingWorks” to end chronic homelessness within 10-years. Using this plan, chronically homeless  citizens go from the streets or homeless shelters, into their own  apartments. The housing is permanent and “affordable,” meaning apartment rent in Utah for these tenants is 30 percent of their income. “Housing Works” also provides job training and other supports to help tenants re-integrate with society.

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