How to search for the right apartment

Many people these days seem to focus on only one way of looking at things. This is completely fine since growing up we got used to it because that’s maybe how everyone else saw it as well. When it comes to apartment hunting, you cannot focus on the old ways of searching for a place. By looking at newspapers, driving, and old fashion pamphlets, you will only see what was of years past. This modern day and age requires you to use the internet and virtual world for better precise detailed listings for places. In this guide we will introduce some steps and tips that will help you improve your apartment hunting experience.

The Right Apartment For You

In order to look for the perfect place, you must understand what you are looking for. This is a no-brainer, but most people jump straight into the apartment search pool without considering what they are looking for. Lets focus on your needs first, then we will continue to the wants. What is it that you need? A one-bedroom, two bedroom, pet friendly, location, walkable? These are just a few things that I mentioned, but in order for you to begin your search you must compile a list of the important things you want to search for.

Here is an example of things to consider:

    1. Location: where do you want to live? Big city or small town? close to work or a 10 minute commute?
    2. Area: is it kid friendly? Near your daily errands? Close to work? Crime rate? Schools?
    3. Cost: How much are you willing to spend?
    4. Apartment look/presence: does it look beautiful? is it dirty?
    5. How many bedrooms?
    6. How many bathrooms?
    7. How much square feet?
    8. Amenities: Gym, Pool, Clubhouse, Bark Park?
    9. Pet friendly?
    10. BBQ area?

Location & Area

As you can see the list goes on. There are many things to consider when searching for the right apartment, compiling your list of needs/wants will be the first thing. After you established that, you would want to move forward with your search by figuring out which location you would like to live in. When you think about where you want to live, consider the following:

  • Is it close to work?
  • Can you access everything you need within walking distance or car?
  • What is the crime rate and neighborhood like?
  • Any schools, parks, or entertainment nearby?
  • Income level and wage average?

There is always more to consider and it definitely helps to try learning more about the location before moving there. I would tell you to first see the place for yourself, try a stay-cation and see how the place fares off. If you need up liking it, start to look for an apartment in that area, if not, don’t worry just continue on your search for a place you will like. You don’t want to rush big decision and end up getting a place you don’t like.

Search & Discover

Now you got  your list of needs/wants, the location you want to live, and all that is left is to search. Using the internet will be your best bet for variety of apartments and fastest way of finding them or setting up tours. I would encourage you to use Google and start with a basic search that will lead into more detailed query after. An example phrase would be, “Apartments in Sandy, UT” this names the search, the location, and what your looking for. If you would enter just apartments in Utah, then you would get the whole state’s encompassing list of apartments and that list is very vast.

I hope this guide gave you some clarity, I wish you the best with your move! Feel free to comment below about your experience!

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