The 5 Fastest-Growing Cities In Utah And What’s To Come

It’s no secret that housing in Utah is growing at an unprecedented rate and almost at an alarming rate. Recent population growth over the years has often not matched the housing development rates. This has led to a higher living cost and limited space for new developments in more crowded areas. Despite the challenges that Utah faces in the midst of new growth, many cities are bringing more life and diversity to Utah’s suburbs. It seems that there is one area of Utah that has been particularly on the rise this year. The cities centered around the point of the mountain, or near the crossroads of Salt Lake County and Utah County, have the most growth.

1 – Herriman

Any Utah resident who has traveled to Herriman lately would have noticed the massive amounts of growth that are taking place. Each week there are new developments and extensions of current housing projects. This rapid amount of growth has brought new restaurants, shopping centers, and more. Herriman hosts various home types; however, the single style family home and multifamily townhomes have become ever more popular.

2 – Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs is another Utah city that is continually experiencing relatively new developments. The population has continued to grow, and it has been a factor in many changes that Utah county has made to the local area. One aspect of Saratoga Springs that attracts a wide variety of people is it’s proximity to I-15. Those who need to travel to Utah County regularly but do not want to live there love being located in this city.

3 – Bluffdale

Bluffdale is one of Utah’s fastest-growing cities for a variety of reasons. It hosts very close access to both I-15 and Bangerter Highway from any point in the city. For this reason, it draws in working professionals from both Salt Lake County and Utah County. One matter of business that will greatly affect Bluffdale’s future is the development of the current prison area into housing. Despite this exact location being in Draper, it will highly impact Bluffdale’s ongoing growth as the projected plans will bring thousands of jobs.

4 – Eagle Mountain

Located west of Utah Lake, Eagle Mountain has also been rapidly growing. Despite being located on the opposite side of the lake, Eagle mountain is apart of the Provo-Orem corridor as well as sharing proximity with Saratoga Springs. Since December of 1996, the city has grown to over 40,000 residents. This will only be the beginning of the growth Eagle Mountain will experience in the coming years as it hosts plenty of wonderful neighborhoods.

5 – South Jordan

Over the last several years, South Jordan has routinely been growing. This could largely be because of the South Jordan development Daybreak, but it also includes various developments throughout the city. South Jordan hosts many parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and more. For those who are perhaps working downtown or in Utah county, it’s the perfect middle location between all of the hubs.

Many people predicted the immense amount of growth that these Utah cities would have. However, few people predicted how this growth would compare nationally. This year, it became more evident that the point of the mountain area will continue to grow. One aspect that all of these cities lack is their access to public transportation. This could call for challenges moving forward, or perhaps greater public transportation development. It will be more than interesting to see how Utah will continue to handle the mass population growth and see if the housing industry will continue to fall behind.

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