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Finding an Apartment before moving

by Daniel E. Fava

Change is something we all have to accept whether we like it or not, it is inevitable and hard, but we all get used to it soon enough. When you decide to move somewhere new, it will be hard and difficult, but if you properly prepare for it, then it will make the transition that much easier. In this article, we will discuss the necessary steps, tips, and tricks that will help you prepare for moving and finding an apartment.


Just like looking for a job or writing the final essay for your English class, you will need to do some research to find out the best Apartment for you. The research conducted will help narrow down your search, help you find the exact specifications, and ultimately help you find your ideal home.

Things to consider when researching:Apartments in Salt Lake City


Distance away from work




Those five fields are just the foundation of what you are researching. Neighborhoods that are safer, cleaner, and closer to work is ideal, but sometimes we can’t always get what we want, so make sure it fits your needs before you think about the wants. A good way to search for apartments is by using search sites like Amcapartments.com, it’s really convenient and easy to navigate through. Also keep in mind that if you know people living in these areas can give you some good insight of the neighborhoods.

Observe & Take Notes

When you finally decide on the apartments you want to see, make sure you pay close attention to all the little details that will add up once you move in. Measure the size and space of the area, see if all your belongings will fit, inspect areas you normally wouldn’t, like under the sink, corners of the closet, make sure the smell is bearable. Use your phone in the apartment to see if you get signals, then that way you can tell if its going to affect you when you move in. Pay close attention to what the Landlord says and how they have want their rent paid. This is important because you can tell a lot about the apartment complex on how the Landlord is. Make sure you discover all the hidden fees and what not before you move, so that why you’re not slumped with costs that don’t fit your budget.

Test Drive 

Before you make the final decision to move into the apartment of your choice, do a test drive just like you would to any vehicle before you buy it. Plan a vacation towards that area or place and stay there for a couple of days, to get the feel of how it would be if you lived there. Explore by foot and see how far things are by walking distance, check out the entertainment around your area to see what attractions or activities there is to do. Once, you decided that the place is up to your standards, then I would make your final decision about moving.

The Big Move

Finally, you are ready to go move into your new home! I would say sort through your belongings and see what you need or what you could sell. Sometimes moving couches that are really old and torn apart is  not worth the work and cost, when you could sell it and get a new one for your new apartment. Look through what you want to keep and what is useless. Donate it or sell it. This will make the move that much easier, if you don’t have a truck or a buddy with one, research the moving trucks near you and find the one with the best value. You’re just moving, so if you don’t have much to pack, then you won’t need the bigger truck that cost more.

I hope this guide gave you some clarity, I wish you the best with your move! Feel free to comment below about your experience!

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