Looking for an Apartment Rental? Utah Has Some Steady Growth in Cache County

apts utah: fire basinI found this article and would like to link to it as a follow up to my article on rental Utah.

In Cache County, Utah there are 37,024 housing units – or homes and apartments –  a 27 percent increase from 2000. Of those units, 34,722 are occupied and 2,302 are vacant.

While total population has increased in the last 10 years household size has declined. This is because young people move out of their parents homes and into their own rental Utah apartments according to the folks at http://news.hjnews.com/news/article_6f009648-8fef-11e0-9d31-001cc4c002e0.html.

“It’s a young population, and young populations tend to have children. If they move out of their parents’ house they need new housing for themselves,” said Eddy Helen Berry, professor of sociology at Utah State University.

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