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Top 5 Reasons Utah is a Great Place to Live

by Chandra Lloyd
Top 5 Reasons Utah is a great place to live

The state of Utah is known widely for “the greatest snow on earth,” but not everyone knows the amazing attributes that make it a fantastic place to call home any time of year. No matter your interests, Utah has something for everyone to enjoy and discover. One of the most unique and beautiful places in America, this state doesn’t disappoint on views, activities, or adventure. Ready to be convinced Utah is the place for you? Here are the top 5 reasons Utah is a great place to live.

Beautiful scenery in Utah

1. Unique Landscapes

Where else but Utah can you see mountains and desert within just a few hours and often both at once? The terrain and visual scenery changes no matter where you go, always diverse, always splendid, with features that have stood the test of time. With cities tucked in valleys between immense mountain peaks and expansive desert to the south, Utah is one of the uniquest places to live. Here, you can take advantage of scenic drives and hikes to views that can leave you breathless and canyons shaped by wind and water that make you feel incredibly small in the way only the natural world can. Discover the Great Salt Lake, desert mesas, rivers, lakes, wildlife, sandstone, red rock, and the magic of the diverse plant species throughout the state. When you’re lucky enough to live in Utah, there’s no shortage of places to explore and beauty to witness.

Zion National Park in Utah

2. Access to Outdoor Recreation

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? In Utah, outdoor sports and recreational activities are always right around the corner. Hiking is available throughout the state and some neighborhoods even house trailheads, so the mountains are beckoning as soon as you step outside your door. There’s no shortage of mountain biking trails, or rock climbing, bouldering, fishing, and canyoneering opportunities all year round.

For those who prefer winter sports, skiing and snowboarding are available at several great resorts including Brighton, Alta, Powder Mountain, Solitude, and Sundance. In Park City the lifts and runs are so accessible, you can even ski directly into the city itself and spend the rest of the day exploring historic Main Street. Utah is the best place to be for outdoor adventure and athleticism all year long.

Arches National Park in Utah

3. National Parks and National Forests

Utah is home to FIVE amazing national parks and several national monuments and national forests that offer seemingly endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. Take in the splendor of red rock canyons, hoodoos, desert flora, and all the other geologic wonders you can discover at Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, or Zion National Parks.

Scale mountain heights like King’s Peak, Ensign Peak, and Mount Timpanogos, or explore the underground world of Timpanogos Cave. Visit the Uinta and La Sal Mountain ranges or Fishlake National Forest and “Pando” the 107-acre aspen grove that is the second largest organism in the world. Enjoy easy access to some of the most remarkable splendors in the United States while making Utah home.

Map of Utah and neighboring states

4. West-Centric Location

Conveniently located in the center of the western United States, Utah boasts close proximity to all the area west of the Mississippi. Enjoy easy access to Las Vegas, Flaming Gorge, The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, southwestern deserts, California beaches, and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Discover the great variety of landscapes, cities, and activities that can be found throughout what was the western frontier. Utah is the perfect place to live when exploring the beauty of the western United States is part of your bucket list.

Salt Lake City skyline

5. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, the state’s capital, is unique and fun. Surrounded by mountains, it boasts beauty on all sides and close proximity to the natural world. In Salt Lake you’ll discover lots of things to do, fantastic local roasteries, coffee shops, breweries, parks, plus shopping and dining at amazing restaurants. Though not a huge city, it is full of life and personality. Spend the day exploring quaint, historic neighborhoods like The Avenues or Sugar House, and picnicking at Liberty Park. Grab a coffee at Publik to start your day and spend evenings with friends grabbing a beer at Templin Family Brewing or Wasatch Brewery. Catch a concert or walk through Red Butte Garden or visit museums like The Leonardo. Salt Lake is a great place to make connections and build community in the bustle of city life without sacrificing access to nature. It is one of the things that makes Utah a great place to live.

Utah is one of the most unique, remarkable, and beautiful places to get to call home. With so much to do and discover, you’ll never be bored or tire of all the scenic wonder the state has to offer. These are our top 5 reasons Utah is a great place to live, but what are yours? Let us know in the comments so we can enjoy all the benefits of living in Utah!

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