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Small Changes Make Major Decor Impact on Apartments in Utah

by Daniel E. Fava
apts utah: college dorm

I found this article and wanted to link it to my recent article on apartments in Utah.

College students who live in apartments in Utah know a lot of inexpensive ways to decorate those apartments.

“Your home is an expression of you, so put things in it that make you happy,” said Shantelle Colborn, an interior designer for BYU facilities.

Using interesting wall hangings is one way to express yourself in apartments in Utah.

apts utah: college dormAnother way to make your living space interesting is with lighting. “Lamps add lots of personality,” she said.

“Lighting is so important,” said Alex Vaughn, a design student from Las Vegas. “We had a room that nobody used because it felt so harsh, but when we added some lamps, it felt instantly warmer,” according to https://universe2.byu.edu/node/16528.

Simple window treatments dress up a room. “You can make sheets into window treatments,” Colborn said.

“Just adding a rug and facing our couches toward each other made a hug difference,” Vaughn said.

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