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For Rent, UT: 3 Reasons Why Renting an Apartment in Utah Is a Better Idea Than Ever Before

by Daniel E. Fava
for rent utah: skiers

for rent utah: skiersTiming is everything and these days we could use as much everything as possible. There are many apartments for rent in Utah and they have always been good options for those looking for a place to live. But there are 3 significant reasons why renting in Utah has never been a better idea than it is now.

Major players in business are coming to Utah

Utah is in a safe little pocket of the country where the economic hardships don’t seem to hit as hard as they do other states. And I’m not the only one who’s noticed. Adobe noticed, and they have decided to build here and will soon be employing hundreds of Utah residents in their new facility.

Robert Redford found the appeal years ago when he decided to base his independent movie festival, Sundance Film Festival, here. Companies such as eBay, Oracle, Twitter, Disney Interactive, and EA Sports have facilities here and there’s every reason to believe that many more will follow.

“In October 2010, Utah ranked number one on Forbes’ list of “Best States For Business.”

Technology catching up to recreation

There has never been a better time in history for those of us who are recreationally inclined. It seems nearly daily there are new advancements in the way that we interact with our sports or other recreational activities. Whether it’s advancements in equipment such as skis, bicycles, snowboards, boats, and water skis; or the development in new areas of technology which inevitably lead to new sports, Utah is a great place to live.

Most outdoor recreations are available in Utah. Because of Utah’s diverse terrain and weather it’s always a good time for one sport or other recreational activity or another.

If you like outdoor recreation and are looking to find a new apartment for rent, UT is your place.

Some of the best higher education in the country

Utah has a lot to offer in terms of higher education. So much so that today I’ll limit myself to the big players;

The University of Utah has world-famous programs in business, law, medicine, and science. In point of fact University of Utah recently tied MIT for creating the most companies out of its patented research: more than 80 since 2005.

Brigham Young University has been a big player for countless years as well. Whether in academics or sports, they stand out on a national level. While best known for their undergraduate programs, BYU offers very respectable post-graduate programs as well. BYU is America’s largest religious university and boasts the third-largest private university enrollment in the United States.

Utah State University is a major research university with longstanding ties to the Department of Defense and NASA, for which it conducts extensive aerospace research. After starting as a small agricultural college in 1888 they have certainly come a long way in growth, development, and national respect.

If excellent schooling is important to you and you need a state with great apartments for rent, UT deserves a high place on your list.


If you’re looking to find great apartments for rent, UT is the place to come. You’ll find everything from booming business in a strong economy to great technology and recreational opportunities as well as superb higher education institutions. We can’t wait to meet you!

How about you? Any luck finding apartments for rent  in Utah? Please comment below.

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